The Recycling Center needs volunteers. The recycling center is open for 6 hours 2 days a week. The shifts for the recycling center are 3 hours each.  For information to volunteer contact the Town Office at 406-822-4672 or 105 Cedar Street.    Without enough volunteers the Superior Recycling Center will close.

Superior Recycling Center

449 Mullan Road W, Superior

OPEN 10 am – 4 pm

Wednesdays & Saturdays


PLEASE RINSE all containers to remove food debris.

GLASS—IS NOW RECYCLABLE!   Please rinse, remove caps/lids, labels are okay to leave on.  No lightbulbs, mirrors, window glass or broken pieces.

Paper—all types of paper can be recycled.  Paper with food debris, like a pizza box, or wax coated is NOT recyclable.

Cardboard—please break down and flatten to maximize the space in the recycle container.

Newspapers—please do not tie your bundles as the string or twine is not recyclable.

Magazines—include any type of glossy paper, mailers, and catalogs. Junk Mail—all fliers, postcards, include window envelopes.

Tin/Steel Cans—soup cans, juice cans. Labels are okay. Push lid inside for safety. PLEASE RINSE.

Aluminum Cans—beverage cans don’t need to be crushed.

Plastic—with the #1 or #2 recycling symbol on them. Look for the number inside the chasing arrow triangle (international recycling symbol) please removed lids and caps.  RINSE and STOMP your plastics flat if possible to maximize the space in the recycle container.

Plastic bags — Plastic bags are NOT recyclable at this recycle center.

Donations are always welcomed but Superior Town residents pay town taxes already and some of that is going toward this recycling center, so donations are not necessary.  County residents, any size donation would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you all.

We appreciate that the recycle bin has been sponsored by several area businesses, however as more people use this bin, there will need to be more times we switch-out (pull) the bin.  Each time the bin is pulled, the town is billed for that bin.  Additional donations will ensure that this service will remain available.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to use the bin.