Superior Recycling Center

449 Mullan Road W, Superior

OPEN 10 am – 4 pm

Wednesdays & Saturdays

The standard items that are able to be placed into the recycling bin include: cardboard, all types of paper including newspaper, magazines and junk mail, plus RINSED steel cans like soup cans, aluminum beverage cans, and RINSED #1 and #2 plastic (mostly beverage bottles and milk jugs). NO glass is accepted.  Please rinse all containers to remove food debris. Paper items with food debris are NOT recyclable.

Paper: All types of paper are able to be recycled including Phone books.

            Paper with food debris, like a pizza box, is NOT recyclable but IS compost

Cardboard – please break down and flatten to maximize the space in the recycle container.

Newspaper – do not tie your bundles as the string or twine is not recyclable

Magazines – includes any type of glossy paper, mailers, and catalogs

Junk Mail – all fliers, postcards, including window envelopes

Tin/Steel Cans – soup cans, juice cans. Labels are okay. Push lid inside for safety.  PLEASE RINSE

            #10 and large sized tin cans, please remove both ends if possible and smash flat.

Aluminum Cans – beverage cans don’t need to be crushed.

Plastic – ONLY #1 and #2 are accepted. Look for the number inside the chasing arrow triangle (international recycling symbol) and typically found on the bottom of the bottle. The number refers to the type of plastic. Only 1s and 2s are accepted at this time and may be discontinued at any time. Consider not consuming beverages in plastic as you are essentially consuming the plastic as it leaches into the beverage. Please removed lids and caps to be collected separately for art projects.

RINSE and STOMP your plastics flat if possible to maximize the space in the recycle container.

Seasoned recycler’s tip that makes recycling EASY:

Place recycled items like steel cans and plastic bottles on the kitchen counter. When you are finished washing your dishes, rinse out the containers with the dirty dish water. No need to waste fresh water rinsing, used dish water is perfect. Now as you store your recycling for your next trip to the recycle bin, you will not have odors in your home nor be attracting unwanted critters and bugs.

Suggested donation for recyclers who live outside of Superior:

A car trunk full of recycling would be a $5 contribution. A pickup bed full to the top but not over would be $10 and if it is heaping over the bed $15.

We appreciate that the recycle bin has been sponsored by several area businesses, however as more people use this bin, there will need to be more times we switch-out (pull) the bin. Each time the bin is pulled, the town is billed for that bin. Additional donations will ensure that this service will remain available. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to use the bin. We have budgeted to support one bin pull a month at this time.