Street or Alley Excavations

Street Excavation Permit Form

Requirements for Excavating (digging) in Town streets, avenues, and alleys.

           1.  Apply for a Permit        2.  Pay Deposit Fee

The Application for Permission to excavate or dig in a Town street, avenue, or alley must include:

  1. Purpose of the excavation
  2.  Location of the excavation
  3.  Size of the excavation
  4.  Time of the excavation

Proof of liability insurance must be submitted with the application.

Compliance with the Uniform Traffic Safety Codes is required.

The Application must be submitted to the Town Clerk’s Office for review and approval by the  Public Works Supervisor.


Deposit fees are to be submitted with the application as follows to insure that the excavation is properly repaired:

1 1/2 times the cost of the repair for any excavation of any kind part way or all the way across any street, avenue or paved alley in the town.

$200.00 for any excavation of any kind part way or all the way across any graveled alley in the town.


The permittee must protect the hole or excavation  during the daytime with fences and barriers as necessary to  prevent accidents.

Between the setting and rising of the sun red lights must also be displayed  to give sufficient warning of the excavation or hole.


Upon completion of the excavation the Public Works Department must be notified.

Once refilled the excavation or hole must be inspected by Public Works personnel.

The Deposit Fee will be held for 30 days. If the excavation has been refilled satisfactorily the deposit will be returned to the permit holder.  If the excavation is not refilled satisfactorily, the deposit will be forfeited to pay for the repair of the street, avenue, or alley.