Business Licenses


The Resident Business license fee is Fifteen $15.00) Dollars per annum unless otherwise provided as follows:

Non-resident business license fee is $30.00 per annum.

Telephone, Telegraph, Power and Light Companies:  The license fee is seventy-five dollars ($75.00) per annum.

Carnivals, Circuses and Menageries:  The license fee is  fifty dollars ($50.00) per annum.

Persons or Companies Operating a Community Television Cable System: The license fee is forty dollars ($40.00) per annum.

Establishments (Taverns, Clubs, Retail Outlets, etc.) Selling Alcoholic Beverages: The license fee is Two hundred Dollars ($200.00) per annum.

For Any Business, Trade, or Profession of a Comparable Nature to any Specifically Named above:  The license fee shall be the same as the required of comparable businesses, trades, or professions.

When there is any doubt about classification or license fees to be paid, the matter shall be referred by the Town Treasurer to the Mayor, who shall decide the question, subject to appeal to the Town Council.

Terms of Licenses

All licenses, except as otherwise provided, shall be payable annually in advance and on or before the 31st of January of each year.

Every license issued under the provisions of the Town Code shall be posted in a conspicuous place on the premises where the business is conducted.  The licensee shall carry all licenses issued for a business without a fixed place of business while the licensee is doing business and shall be shown to any person with whom the licensee is doing business or any police officer on demand.

A licensee shall have the right to change the location of the licensed business, provided the new location complies with the requirements of the ordinances of the town.

Licenses are non-transferable whenever a   business changes ownership.  The new owner must file an application for a license and the required fee at the time of the change of    ownership.

Any license issued for a specified date, time, or place shall not be a license for any other date, time or place.