50/50 Sidewalk Program

50/50 Sidewalk Program Application and forms



A safe pedestrian sidewalk system is an essential component
of our community.  In order to encourage the replacement of sidewalks the Town of Superior has established a cost sharing program for sidewalk replacement.  The Town will equally share the cost of replacing sidewalks with the adjoining property owner.  Annual funding for the program is limited and is on a first come first served basis.

Residents must submit an application to the Town of Superior.  After the application is received, the sidewalk is inspected by Public Works Dept Staff to determine if it meets the criteria for participation.  The Public Works Department will meet with the property owner and estimate the cost of the sidewalk replacement.  If the cost is acceptable the property owner will sign a Consent for Construction form, which authorizes the Town to administer the sidewalk construction on behalf of the property owner.  The payment option is also selected at this time.  The Town issues a Work Order to the Contractor. The Contractor has 45 days to complete the sidewalk from the date of the Work Order.

Sidewalk that is crumbling, is causing a drainage problem,
has cracking exceeding one inch horizontally, or has a vertical displacement of greater than two inches, qualifies for the program.

Handicap accessible sidewalks will be installed at every
intersection to meet Federal Standards for slope and width.

Replacement will be limited to sidewalks the length of the
property in public right of way, this applies to sidewalks for residential, commercial and churches.

Two (2) inspections by the Public Works Supervisor will be required.  The first will be when the sidewalk is formed and before it is poured.  The second inspection will be the final inspection when the work is completely finished.

Replacement of sidewalks by Owners:  The Town of Superior recognizes the fact that some property owners may want to replace sidewalks on their own property.  The Town of Superior will pay for the concrete to replace the sidewalk.  The Town will not reimburse the owner for his labor in replacing the sidewalk.  

The Property Owner has three options for payment:

  1. The property owner may pay the contractor in full for all repair costs and receive reimbursement from the Town for the Town’s portion of the repair costs upon receipt and approval of the final invoice from the contractor.
  2. The property owner may pay the contractor the owner’s portion of the repair costs and have the Town pay the contractor directly for the Town’s portion of the repair costs upon verification of
    payment by the property owner.
  3. The property owner may pay the Town the owner’s portion of the repair costs in twelve (12) equal monthly installments upon receipt  and approval
    of the final invoice from the contractor.


The responsibility for construction of new sidewalks within the Town limits and is with the owner or developer of an undeveloped lot.  In established residential areas without sidewalks the Public Works Supervisor will review individual sidewalk requests for new construction.  The construction of new sidewalks must have a definite benefit to citizens and the Town of Superior.  The primary considerations will be the access it provides to the citizens of Superior to schools, churches, parks and shopping areas.  The provisions of the 50/50 program will apply to this section.