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For questions contact the Superior Fire Department at 406-822-4900


Date: May 23rd, 2022

Contact: Bob Henderson, Superior Ranger District Fire Prevention,

406-822-4233 ,406-822-3933, or

Mineral County Outdoor Burning Is NOW available Online!

The General and Essential Agriculture and Prescribed Wildland Outdoor Burning Seasons permits are now available online as of May 23rd, 2022. If you are planning to burn, please remember that all outdoor burning requires a burn permit, and the only material that may be disposed of by burning is untreated wood and vegetation generated onsite. Permits can be obtained for FREE or renewed online for FREE at

Online you can Obtain a burn permit, Activate your existing burn permit every day you wish to burn, Edit or Reprint an existing permit and Renew your old burn permit annually.  If an online process is not an option for you, please visit the Superior Ranger Station M-F 8-4:30 to obtain a burn permit and to learn how to active your burn permit for the days you burn.

Many people don’t realize the wildfire potential in the spring. If you have a typical spring day in the 40’s and add frost-killed dry grass and a strong breeze, you have a recipe for a controlled burn to get quickly out of control. Most people tend to burn relatively close to houses and outbuildings and these structures can become threatened very quickly. If you are planning to burn this spring, please be aware of the conditions of not only your burn pile, but the vegetation in the surrounding area as well as predicted weather. After activating your permit, have an adequate supply of personnel, water, and equipment to control your burn, and do not leave it unattended until it is cold-to-the-touch OUT!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I go to get a Burn Permit in Mineral County?

Mineral County uses an Online Burn Permit System to streamline the busy job of issuing and tracking. With the Online System, anyone living in Mineral County can get a Burn Permit at any time of day or night.  Even on the day of the burn, you can obtain and activate a permit if conditions allow safe burning. Permits can be obtained for FREE or renew annually your old permit online for FREE at     

               *(SEE QR CODE)

*ONLY ONE PERMIT / YEAR is needed, Activation each day that you burn is required.

What if I don’t have access to a computer /smart phone with Internet to get a Burn Permit?

  • If an online process is not an option for you, please visit the Superior Ranger Station M-F 8-4:30 to obtain a burn permit and to learn how to active your burn permit for the days you burn.

How do I know if I can burn the day that I want to burn?

Once you have a Mineral County Burn Permit, you must activate it before starting your burn after 6 am. 

log into the Online Burn Permit System at

If you can safely burn that day, you will be able to activate your Permit.

REMEMBER: You MUST activate your Permit on each day you plan to burn.

The System doesn’t recognize my rural address.  What do I do?

Try entering your address in a different format if the Online Burn Permit System doesn’t recognize your

address. For example, if your address is “12345 Hwy 83,” try entering it as “12345 83 Hwy N.” Data used to reference street addresses is based on Cadastral data, which is entered in this format. You can also find your property using the Online System.  Just click the location on the map where you will be burning OR you can use a latitude/longitude from a GPS instead.  Note: System will only accept Mineral County addresses.

How do I “activate” my Mineral County Burn Permit?

There are two ways to activate a Burn Permit in Mineral County, as described below. on Start and select Mineral County and follow the steps to

“Activate” your Permit or call 1-888-583-6497.

What if I forget or lose my Burn Permit Number?

You need a hard copy of your Mineral County Burn Permit when you burn, and you need your Permit

Number to activate your Permit.  If you lose/misplace your Permit, you may get your Number as follows: Residents, call your local Superior Ranger District at 406-822-4322, or Superior dispatch office at 406-822-3555

What if I forget to activate my Burn Permit?

You must activate your Burn Permit each day that you plan to burn and for each location in which you plan to burn. log into the Online Burn Permit System at call 1-888-583-6497.Activating it on your burning day will ensure that people aren’t burning on days when burning is closed due to poor air quality or fire danger.  If you burn without activating your Permit, your burn will be treated as an illegal burn.

How early in the year can I get my Burn Permit?

You can obtain a Burn Permit from the Mineral County Online Burn Permit System as early as January,

but they cannot be used (activated) until Permit Burning Season” which opens on May 1st.

What if I want to get my Burn Permit on the weekend?

You may!  This is one of the biggest benefits to the Online Burn Permit System.  You get your Permit when it is convenient for you.  Simply log on to and get your Permit day or night.

If I activate my Burn Permit, do I still have to call the Burn Hotline for a Go/No Go?

No.  By going online at to activate the Permit you learn whether fire-danger conditions allow a safe burn.  You will not be able to activate unless burning conditions are good.  Note: The Outdoor Burning Hotline (406) 225-6779 is still available. It is used by primarily by “major burners,” such as the US Forest Service and The Nature Conservancy.

Why does Mineral County use an Online Burn Permit System?

 At one time, getting a Permit required traveling to a fire department and maybe waiting in line. Some departments were inundated by the job of writing permits.  The Online Burn Permit System improves this process considerably. Anyone can now get a FREE Permit at any time, even on the day they want to burn! The system also streamlines information sharing between fire departments and dispatch centers. Prior to its adoption, firefighters spent hours searching through paper files to verify Burn Permits.  Now, we have access to that information in a timely manner.

Thanks for using our Online Burn Permit System and doing your part in Mineral County to be

Firewise and Fire Safe. Learn more, including Free Home Assessments contact Superior Ranger District 406-822-4233