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Flat Creek IMM Superfund Site Five-Year Review
EPA is conducting a Five-Year Review of the remedy for the Flat Creek Iron Mountain Mine and Mill (IMM) Superfund site in Superior, Montana. The purpose of the Five-Year Review is to make sure the selected cleanup actions protect human health and the environment.

Cleanup actions at the site address arsenic and heavy metal contamination of soil, groundwater and surface water that resulted from the operation of the Flat Creek IMM from 1909 to 1930 and from 1947 to 1953.

The Five-Year Review will start in July 2017 and finish in July 2018. As part of the process, EPA will review site­ related documents , review and analyze data, and interview members of the community . After the review is complete, EPA will issue a report documenting the findings of the Five­ Year Review.

EPA invites community participation in the Five-Year Review process. For more information about the Flat Creek IMM Superfund Site, the Five-Year Review process, or to provide information or participate in a community interview, please contact:

•   Allie Archer , EPA Remedial Project Manager archer .allie@epa.gov  I (406) 457-5033

•    Robert Moler, EPA Community  Involvement Coordinator moler.robert@epa .gov   I (406) 457-5032

•    Mailing Address: U.S. EPA, Region 8: 1O W. 15th Street, Suite 3200; Helena MT 59626

Information about the site is also available at:

•  Mineral County Courthouse Environmental Health and Planning 300 River Street, Superior, MT 59872

•  EPA’s Superfund Records Center

10 West 15th Street, Suite 3200; Helena, MT 59626,

•  www  .epa.gov/superfund/flat-creek