Montana Emergency Rental Assistance Program

APPLY NOW: Emergency Rental Assistance 

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Rent and utility assistance is now available to Montanans who have been financially hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Montanans can receive up to $2,200/month for rent and $300/month for utilities dating back to April 1, 2020 through the Montana Emergency Rental Assistance program.

The online application is easy and thousands of Montanans qualify.

Renters can apply directly and landlords can apply on behalf of renters with the renter’s co-signature and required documentation.


For Renters:

  1. To be eligible for rent or utility assistance:
  2. Application materials you will need include:
    • Lease Agreement
    • Demonstration of need:
      • A late rent or eviction notice
      • Utility bill, late payment notice or shut off notice
    • Income documentation (2020 IRS tax return preferred)

For Landlords:

  • Gather the W9 for the appropriate rental property where you have notified a renter of a late payment or sent an eviction notice

You will need your renter’s signature on the application